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The UW-Madison is a national leader in theoretical and applied mechanics. Active areas of research include solid mechanics, dynamics, vibrations, fluid mechanics, computational mechanics, biomechanics, and nanomechanics. There are ongoing interdisciplinary efforts to invent, theoretically model, synthesize, and test novel materials and structures with extreme properties and multifunctional capabilities at the macro-, milli-, micro-, and nanoscale.

Unlike at many universities, the boundaries between departments at the UW-Madison are low. You can choose your major, your research advisor, and your courses from several different department and programs. Design your graduate study experience to suit your interests.

Consider pursuing a graduate degree in:

Biomedical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Engineering Mechanics
Materials Engineering
Materials Science
Mechanical Engineering

Consider advisors from:

Department of Biomedical Engineering
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Department of Engineering Physics
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Materials Science Program
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Consider classes from:

Biomedical Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics
Materials Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

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